What makes Agility Rewards so different?

You don’t have to jump through hoops or be a mathematician to earn cash-backs with Agility Rewards Platinum. You have instant access to cash-back benefits and discounts, no hassles, no fuss. And our basic rewards programme is yours to enjoy at no extra cost. 

How do I earn rewards?

Agility Rewards is a free programme where you get up to 40% in discounts and deals, saving you money on things that matter most to you.

Agility Rewards Platinum is our premium rewards programme that gives you cash back of up to R37 900 for simply choosing to lead a healthier lifestyle. You earn cash back for EXERCISING, for TRAVELLING, for TAKING CARE OF YOUR HEALTH, for STUDYING or for GOLFING.

Rewards that keep you and your wallet in Shape:

You are in control in the way in which you earn your rewards. Agility Rewards Platinum makes leading a healthier lifestyle so much more worthwhile with cash-back benefits paid directly into your Agility Healthcard. 

How to earn cash back rewards?

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