1.     What is the difference between Agility Rewards and Agility Rewards Platinum?

  • Agility Rewards and Agility Rewards Platinum are part of the same programme.

  • Agility Rewards is a FREE rewards programme that gives Agility Clients and HEALTH SQUARED scheme members loads of discounts and deals from our various partners. You can check out the discounts and deals on the Agility Rewards portal

  • Agility Rewards Platinum is rewards programme that you pay for monthly. It gives cash-back rewards of up to R37 900 yearly for doing your daily activities and choosing to be healthy and also get discounts and deals.

Monthly premiums for Agility Rewards Platinum 2020:

Member Only: R228 pm

Member +1: R264 pm

Member +2 or more: R307 pm


2.     Who qualifies for Agility Rewards?

Agility StaffCare members, Group risk members, Employee Wellness Programme (EWP) Comprehensive members, EWP Core members, Agility Healthcard members, Priority Brokers , Ultimate Brokers and HEALTH SQUARED scheme members.

3.     Who qualifies for Agility Rewards Platinum?

Only HEALTH SQUARED medical aid scheme members and Ultimate Brokers. You must be active on HEALTH SQUARED medical scheme member in order to be a valid active user of Agility Rewards Platinum.


4.     How can I get the Agility Rewards Platinum cash backs of up to R37 900?

In order to get the cash back, all your monthly premiums need to up to date and you can claim cash-backs from the following benefit categories:

  • Fitness Benefits which has Gym Rewards, Get Moving Rewards and Sport Fit Rewards.

  • Health Benefits which has Health Check Rewards and Chronic Compliance Rewards.

  • Education Benefits which consists of Education Bursary and School Fee Rewards.

  • Golf Rewards which an alternative for exercising.

  • Travel Benefits which is our Frequent Flyer Rewards.

You can learn more on how to earn on


5.     Can I claim on all the cash back benefits?

No, you will have to choose some of the benefits that you will use for the year. At the end of each year you will be required to make a selection for the new-year between the following benefit:

  • Golf or Frequent Flyer benefit

  • Education Bursary or School Fee benefit

  • Gym or Get Moving benefit

If we are not informed of the preferred selection then the option will be based on the first claim of the benefit for the year.


6.     When can members start claiming for benefits on Agility Rewards Platinum? 

  • Quarterly benefits are claimed after 3 months this will include Gym, Golf, Get Moving and Frequent Flyer.

  • Annual benefits are claimed after 12 months, this includes Chronic Compliance, Education Bursary and School Fee.

  • Sport Fit can be claimed as and when to the maximum annual benefit.

  • Health Check Rewards: Only tests done after joining Agility Rewards Platinum can be claimed.

  • Chronic Compliance Benefit: After being a member on Agility Rewards Platinum for 12 months or longer. Chronic medication compliance of at least 80% to be able to claim.


7.     Is there a time period as to when I can claim my benefits?

Yes, you need to claim within a certain time period.

  • All benefits must be claimed within 30 days of the quarter ending where applicable.

  • Chronic compliance benefits must be claimed within 30 days of the 12 month period.

  • All Health Check Rewards must be claimed within 30 days of the event/test/check.


8.     When will your Agility Rewards Platinum membership be activated?

Your Agility Rewards Platinum membership will be activated as soon as we receive your first successful premium.


9.     How to get in touch with the Agility Rewards Team?

You can email or call on 0861 987 7325