At Agility Rewards Platinum we make living your best life more rewarding with cash-back – that is cash paid DIRECTLY to you - of up to R37 900

Just for simply doing what you enjoy, be it exercising, travelling, taking good care of your health, golfing or even studying further we reward you – HANDSOMELY!

So why not use your cash-back rewards to pay for your 2021 HEALTH COVER premiums?

It pays to be an Agility Rewards Platinum member:

Scenario 1

Look at Ntombi, single, young and starting out in life. She pays R1 589 pm for her Rise health cover with HEALTH SQUARED. She is also on the Agility Rewards Platinum programme and gets cash-back for choosing to lead a healthy lifestyle and studying at one of SA’s accredited institutions. With all the cash-back’s she earns, she will pay for her 2021 premiums for the year:

Screenshot 2019-11-07 at 17.48.18.png

Scenario 2

Jeff and Linda are a young couple looking forward to their future. Jeff pays R2 055 on his Aspire health cover with HEALTH SQUARED. He enjoys taking care of his health and loves his gym workouts, and he gets rewarded for living his best life – that’s why he joined the Agility Rewards Platinum programme and earns cash-back which can potentially fund his 2021 monthly premiums.

Screenshot 2019-11-03 at 20.27.28.png

Scenario 3

Vusi takes his responsibilities to  his young family seriously and wants to ensure that they are always fully covered.

He pays R2 958 on the Flex option for healthcare cover from HEALTH SQUARED and gets to earn  cash-back rewards on Agility Rewards Platinum for his family of up to R37 900. 

And everyone gets rewarded for doing what they do best -, like Vusi and his love for golfing or his wife with taking her annual healthcheck. Vusi can use his cash-back to pay for his 2021 premiums.  

Screenshot 2019-11-03 at 20.31.34.png

Scenario 4

Meet Siba: A mother, wife and career woman. She loves her family and makes sure they are all healthy and active. She is on the Advance option and pays R3 496 for her monthly health cover with HEALTH SQUARED. She joined the Agility Rewards Platinum programme and earns cash-back just for paying her child’s school fees! This is her favourite reward together with leading a healthy lifestyle. With all her cash-backs her 2021 premiums for covered .

Screenshot 2019-11-03 at 20.34.21.png