Ready, steady, save!

Agility Rewards offers you outstanding deals and discounts on over 6 000 products and services, completely free of charge. That’s right! 

Your benefits include:

·  Deals and discounts on everything from shopping, to eating out, holiday packages and so much more

·      The must-have Agility Assist benefits that give you free advice and assistance on:

o   Financial matters

o   Legal advice

o   Health concerns

o   Traffic fines etc.

Five ways we are changing the face of rewards

  1. Our rewards are easy to understand – no benefit levels and points systems

  2. You benefit from day one – all your benefits are yours to enjoy from the get-go

  3. All our benefits are relevant – whoever and wherever you are

  4. Agility Rewards is free! – Our basic rewards programme is yours to enjoy at no extra cost

  5. Instant cash in your pocket - All cash-backs on the enhanced Agility Rewards Platinum programme are paid into your very own Agility Healthcard

Who can join Agility Rewards?

  • HEALTH SQUARED members

  • Agility clients

  • Agility Healthcard clients