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Six reasons to love the Agility Healthcard

1. It’s your very own medical savings account without the medical scheme!

2. A best of breed solution, the Agility Healthcard is a pre-funded debit card that allows you to take full control of your healthcare expenses.

3. It’s only valid at medical service providers and is the ideal tool to safeguard your bank balance against unplanned medical expenses.

4. You decide how much to save every month and you can boost your savings with up to R37 650 each year through the Agility Rewards Platinum cash-back rewards. 

5. The Agility Healthcard is not linked to any specific medical scheme

6. It has an annual pay-out period at the end of each year as a nice bonus from you to you

Funding your Agility Healthcard

Agility Healthcard can be used to pay for any healthcare expense and is valid at all medical service providers. 

Spend your savings on things like:

·      Vitamins

·       Supplements

·       Paying for prescription medicine

·       Paying for any benefit shortfalls, co-payments or levies

·       Plastic surgery

·       When your medical scheme benefits are depleted

·      To stock up your first-aid kit